A Tasty New Low

Well, now that the spasms have stopped and I am actually able to type again I can tell you that MMO’s and product-placement marketing have finally taken a flying bungie jump off of sanity cliff.  Our favorite blue poster GhostCrawler announced today that World of Warcraft had entered a partnership with none other than Burger King to try and combine our two favorite pastimes, eating and playing WoW. Here is the dealio…

Beginning with the release of patch 3.1, Burger King will introduce several new items to their menu that tie in to the various classes found in World of Warcraft. When you purchase these food items (more on this in a minute), you will have a chance to instant-win several in-game items or collect points that you will eventually be able to cash in for prizes through World of Warcraft vendors.  They are still somewhat tight-lipped about what the items will be, but they have mentioned a couple by name already, and let me tell you, it’s like a car wreck on the interstate with fatalities, I didn’t wanna look but I just couldn’t turn away.

The first item that was mentioned goes to our fine fellow transforming friends (they are, after all, more than meets the eye), the Druids.  The menu item that will be featured for this tie-in is a Chicken sandwich called the “Yumkin”. The Yumkin is basically a chicken sandwich with a special green colored sauce they are literally calling (wait for it…) the Emerald Dream.  Oh dear merciful God in Heaven, I wish I was making this up.  When you purchase your “yumkin” there will be a special game piece in the wrapper that will either let you instant win an item or collect 50 wrappers to turn in for an in-game item.  What is this item you may ask?  Its a scroll that teaches you a special buff that you can cast that is basically the same thing as Gift of the Wild, but with a saucy new name.  That’s right Druids, get ready to cast “Gift of the Whopper” and be the envy of all your fellow raiders. It even has a new buff icon that looks like a hamburger. I think I just soiled myself…

Gift of the Whopper????

Gift of the Whopper????

Now, for the Mages. That’s right bretheren, I know you were jealous and wanted your own Burger King promotional item, well dispair no more, ’cause your prayers have been answered.  Our food item that can be purchased at Burger King when the tie-in begins is called, you guessed it, the “Mana Whopper”.  I’m now gripping the keyboard so tightly that I’m pretty sure my blood is soaking into the keys (I wonder if it will come to life and eat people like Christine the car in the Steven King novel”.  So, buy the Mana Whopper and get the chance to win your very own piece of in-game BK schwag.  What is it, you may ask?  The lucky winner or collector will be able to purchase a scroll that lets you conjure your very own Mana Whopper in game!  You heard me right, screw the mana strudel, I’m grilling burgers!  The new spell even conjures a small grill that others must click on in order to have it their way and get their stack of Mana Whoppers…

The Home of the Mana Whopper?

The Home of the Mana Whopper?

I really don’t know what else to say at this point.  This is marketing gone crazy and I hope that Blizz realises just what they are doing to my beloved game.  What do you all think about this, are you as disheartened as I am about the state of the game?  Your opinions are always welcome.  I think the marketing genius that came up with this one gets a free stay at the Arcane Asylum.


~ by arcaneasylum on March 31, 2009.

7 Responses to “A Tasty New Low”

  1. “Gift of the Whopper” a la “Dalaran Brilliance?” Really, who buys Dalaran Brilliance? Spending gold just for an icon?

    That being said, I like chicken sandwiches (I know, I’m a cannibal), so I would probably actually do this.

    Now, get over to that grill and make me some mana whoppers (uh, can I get that with cheese?)

    • Well, I do actually know a couple of people that plunked down the cash to get Dalaran Brilliance, but I won’t mention any names. I just shudder to think what they are gonna do for the other classes… Curse of Hunger for Warlocks? Aura of Tastiness for Paladins? Where does it end?

  2. Im hoping this brilliant post is April 1st related, if not I will be found in Darnassus gouging my eyes out with a spoon.

    • It’s April 1st already? I hadn’t even noticed… Must be all the wedding planning, it can drive a man to, well, insanity!

  3. Screw it.. better not be April Fool’s joke… I need an excuse to eat it.. assuming that it happened in Oz anyway… and my wife let me eat it…

  4. That’s why you have to sneak out and do it. All in the name of nommy nommy food!!

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