Ulduar/ Patch 3.1? Yes please!

The children were perched in front of their screens, with visions of Ulduar clouding their dreams.  When from their computer they heard such a clatter, they ran to the keyboard and dropped food with a splatter.  And what from their surround sound speakers did they they hear?  The realms are all up, 3.1 is now here!!!

World of Warcraft...denied!

World of Warcraft...denied!

Well, not exactly. If you are like me, the background downloader has done it’s job like a happy little elf and the newest content patch is sitting happily in it’s folder waiting for you to log in and play.  “Come on, boot me up! You know you’ve been sitting there all day in a drooling ball of potential energy just waiting to inject me like a junkie on heroin” it screams, but alas, we get the same old tired message that us WoW vets have come to love and hate… “Maintenance is continuing on all realms. There is no time frame given as to when the realms will be back up, however there will be an additional announcement at blah blah blah PM.  Damn you Blizzard, damn you in the face!

The Download Elf hard at work!

The Download Elf hard at work!

While we wait, I thought I would talk just a little about what I am looking forward to in 3.1 and what I’m dissapointed about.

First and foremost, do I have to say it? Ulduar!!!  I pity the fool who doesn’t want to see Ulduar.  I agree that the raiding content in WOTLK was good, but short and really not all that difficult, with the exception being Sartharian with three drakes.  Haveing said that, I have been hungry for a good old fashioned epic dungeon that you really have to work to finish.  I believe that Ulduar will be fresh content that will take most guilds some time to finish, and even longer to finish on hard mode.  Please don’t prove me wrong Blizz old bean!

Secondly, the Argent Tournament.  Can I get a what what!!!  I have been looking forward to the Argent tourney since it was first announced.  The idea of strapping on my banner, mounting my warhorse and fighting for the Glory of Stormwind stirs the warrior in me like a nice hot bowl of chili.  Mmmmmm… Combatalicious!

Finally, dual-spec.  Who here actually LIKES to respec every time you wanna do something different?  You over there, ret pally, put your hand down Mr. I will Kill you in three seconds without blinking.  No one wants your opinion!  If you have been hiding in the attic, eating Cheetos and learning to role-play using dust bunnies under your bed, then you don’t know that dual spec allows you to have two totally different specs (and glyph configurations) that can be switched between as long as you are out of combat and are not in an arena (once you are out of the preperation phase).  This is SO long overdue and I can’t wait.  I will post a guide about possible mage dual-spec options in a later post.

And now, for the dissapointment.  In 3.1, there was also supposed to be an equipment manager built into the user interface that would let you switch between armor sets a-la Item Rack.  Sadly, the Blue Man group at Blizzard has decided to postpone it to a later date.  Bad form Blizz, bad form indeed!

No Equipment Manager for you, Mr. King.

No Equipment Manager for you, Mr. King.

All in all, when the realms finally come back up tonight (at least we hope it’s tonight) and the dust settles, hopefully we will be left with a warm fuzzy in our bellies and lots of exciting new content to chop, hack, and for us mages, PEW PEW our way through!  Can’t wait to see you there.


~ by arcaneasylum on April 14, 2009.

One Response to “Ulduar/ Patch 3.1? Yes please!”

  1. Loving the pics… Download Elf… I want one…

    As for that closet… if Only that popped up ingame… I would be a happy Gnome

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