The Argent Tournament and You

A Horse fit for a King

A Horse fit for a King

If you have looked at your map since last night, right above Sindragosa’s Fall, you may have noticed a new area peeking out at you from underneath the mist.  This my friend is the Argent Tournament.

Argent Tournament Grounds

Argent Tournament Grounds

This new event opens up several new dailies, events, challenges and a whole Steed-load of fun!  Today we are going to take a look at how to get started with the tournament and how to get on your way to being a Champion for the honor of your favorite city.

If you already have a flight path for the Shadow Vault, it’s a fairly quick hop from there to the tournament grounds at the northeastern corner of the Icecrown map. Once there, head over to the large tent with three flags (called the Argent Pavillion) at the southwest corner of the tourney grounds, just west of the Ring of Champions.  Once there, collect the starter quest and head over to your respective tents on the eastern side of the grounds, the Alliance tent is northeast and the hordies have one to the southeast.  After doing some initial starter quests for them, you will eventually be on your way to becoming a Valiant and will unlock several daily quests that can be completed every day (how convenient).  Several of these beginning quests will have you equip a lance, mount a steed and talk to the experts about fighting melee, ranged and charged targets.  The lance can be grabbed right inside the exit as you head out and there is a trusty steed waiting for you right outside of your tent. Mount up, head to the north side of the grounds in the middle, talk to the champions, then begin practicing your newly learned skills.

As I said, there are three types of target dummies to practice with, warlock, ret pally and death knight, no wait, my bad, I mean ranged, melee and charge.  When you mounted your argent steed, I’m sure you noticed that it is treated as a vehicle, and comes with several abilities that you will need to be successful in mounted combat.  Lets take a quick look at those:

1) The first is Thrust, its very simple.  A melee attack that does 3250 damage.

2) Shield-Breaker. Shield breaker does 2000 damage and removes a layer of defense from your opponent, more on that in a minute. Please note that shield breaker is a RANGED ability and can be done while moving.

3) Charge. Easy there soldier, I meant the ability called Charge!  Charge does a whopping 8500 damage and also removes a layer of defense from your opponent. Charge is also a ranged ability and can only be initiated while a certain distance from your opponent, much like a hunters shot.

4) Defend.  Defend reduces damage taken by 30% and can stack up to 3 times (for you non-math majors out there, thats 90% damage reduction.  This is the buff that is removed by the Shield-Breaker and Charge abilities.  Also note that Defend wears off after 1 minute, so its important to watch it and keep it up as much as possible.

5) Refresh Mount. Heals your mount back to 100%, but can only be used out of combat.

6) Duel.  If you cant figure this one out, un-equip your lance, take back your horse and get back to Warsong Gulch, you are not prepared.

Now that you know what the abilities are, lets look at how to use them to attack the various dummies.

1) For the Melee target, its pretty simple.  Make sure you have all three stacks of Defend up, then get close to the melee dummy and use Thrust!!  You will then successfully attack the dummy and take minimal damage.

2) The Charge target has a weak shield surrounding it, so before you can charge it, you should use the Shield-Breaker on it, then get to the appropriate range and CHARGE!!!  So easy even a Death Knight can do it.

3) The Ranged target is also very easy.  Keep spamming the shield Breaker target until you get credit for the kill.  Nothing to it!!

Once you have gotten the hang of it and turned in the quest, its time for the dailies!!  Here are some details that will help make getting them done a little easier.

A blade fit for a champion – This quest involves going down to Grizzly Hills and kissing frogs until you find the one that turns into the maiden.  Once she does, she will give you the item that you need to complete the quest.  The FIQ (Frogs in Question) are located in Grizzly Hills directly southwest from Camp Oneqwah.  One more thing, don’t forget to use your lip balm every time before you kiss the frogs or you are left with a wife-repelling case of warts!!


Kiss your Froggies Here

A Chip off the Ulduar block – This quest requires you to travel to Storm Peaks and find large blocks of stone that you need to reduce to small chunks of stone in order to collect and turn in.  Take your Bomb that you are given by the quest giver and place it next to the block and STAND BACK, this baby is gonna blow!!!  Once it does, collect items until you have 15 then turn in quest. Easy mode.

Come here to Blow up some Blocks

Come here to Blow up some Blocks

Learning the Reins – This quest takes what you learned from the Champions and makes you repeat it.  Simply return to the practice dummies and practice killing the ranged, melee and charge targets until it completes.

Jack me some Lumber – This one involves travelling down to Crystal Song forest to collect some wood.  Uh huh huh, I said wood…  The quick way to do this is to get to Dalaran and take the crystal that transports you down to the ground in Crystal song, which just happens to be right next to the great tree.  Once there, find the oaks that you need and chop away with the axe you were given.  Be warned, once you yell TIMBERRR and the tree falls, a single Treeant will come out and get all up in your grill.  Kill him and move on.  Once you have 12 pieces of lumber, you are ready to turn it in.

A nice place to jack your lumber

A nice place to jack your lumber

Training in the field – Simple.  Find some undead in Icecrown, kill them.  You need 8 kills.  I normally head down around Scourgeholme where there are lots of undead to pick from. Again, this one is a no-brainer.

Up to the Challenge – Also easy, although time consuming.  You need to collect 15 Aspirant’s Seals to complete this.  You get said Seals by completing, you guessed it, dailies from the Crusade!!  This will most likely take you 4-5 days I believe, but I will verify and post again if need be.  You need to complete this quest in order to move to the next stage of the Argent Tournament.

The Edge of Winter – This dailiy involves some travelling to complete.  First you must kill Lord Everblaze in Crystalsong and then you must use the Ember you loot from him to melt the ice and free the Maiden of Winter’s Breath Lake. Lord Everblaze is located in the hills above the pass leading from Crystal Song Forest to Dragonblight.  The Maiden is located in the center of Winter’s Breath lake just North of Skorn and south of Camp Winterhoof. Once you have freed the Maiden, she will give you the item to complete the quest.

The Lady is located here

The Lady is located here

Find Lord Everblaze here

Find Lord Everblaze here

Keep going on these dailies and you will soon be well on your way to being the studly champion your mate has always dreamed of!!!!  I am very excited about this Tournament and will offer more tips and updates as I progress through it.  I hope to see you all in the Ring of Champions very soon.

See YOU at the Tournament

See YOU at the Tournament


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9 Responses to “The Argent Tournament and You”

  1. /steal horsey

    Nice guide. My mage went through the first stages last night, but being a troll, he was forced to ride the stupid chicken instead.

    • Haha, yeah, I’m not sure if I would like to ride a refugee from KFC as my full-time mount, but I do ride a mechstrider from time to time, not much difference there! Thanks for the read btw, this one took me a while to write so I’m glad people are checking it out.

  2. Nice guide through the new maze of argent stuff. Hope you and Mrs Boom had a great wedding and honeymoon.

    • Glad you enjoyed the guide, and yes, things have been pretty nice around the King house since we returned from the Honeymoon. Thanks so much for the well-wishes!

  3. “you must use the Ember you loot from him to melt the ice”

    The Icestone has melted?

    • Yeah, I remember the confusion that came from that little phrase a few weeks ago. Nothing like random things being yelled at you for no reason to really make your day complete.

  4. Just a quick update. Since I posted this, I have completed the achievements for Champion of Stormwind and Exalted Champion of Stormwind which earned me a new title in game… “Ultraking of Stormwind”! I’m pretty sure that means that King Varian Wrynn now answers to me. “Hey Wrynn, I’m about to head out to Ulduar, go warm up the Tundra Mammoth and make me a sammich”! Good times.

  5. Grats.. bow down before the Ultraking of Stormwind!

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