A Mages Guide to Ulduar Boss XT-002

XT-002, not exactly like your little brother...

XT-002, not exactly like your little brother...

Do you have a little brother? Have you ever fought your little brother?  Piece of cake, right?  Just throw his shirt over his head and pummel him until he cries Uncle.  Well, XT-002 in Ulduar is exactly like that fight.  That is, if your little brother is the size of a 6 story building and can summon all of his toys to beat you down like Mike Tyson vs. your Grandma all the while turning people into Light Bombs and Gravity Wells.  Sounds like a typical Thanksgiving at my house, but that’s a story for another day. If you are lucky enough to make it to the Scrapyard in Ulduar or plan to in the near future, this write-up is for you.  Let’s take a look at the Giant Robot with the mentality of a little boy, XT-002, and how to take him out, Mage Style!

XT-002 Has Been Working Out!

XT-002 Has Been Working Out!

When you first arrive at XT’s room, he is running around, busily doing Buns of Steel, Tai-Bo or whatever exercise nonsense is popular these days, just waiting for you to ready check and GO GO GO to start the encounter.  Once you begin, position yourself around the boss and begin DPS’ing.  The first thing that you need to remember when it comes to positioning for this fight is spacing.  XT-002 has some abilities such as Light Bomb and Gravity Bomb that will affect you and the people around you, so spacing here is very important.  Both of these abilities affect people up to 10 yards away from you, so if you have used it in the past, our good friend /distance 10 is your friend.  If you have never used this command, it will bring up a small box that shows the names of any raider that is within 10 yards of you.  Very helpful indeed!

Stay Away from the Gravity Bomb.

Stay Away from the Gravity Bomb.

Light Bomb and Gravity Bomb are very similar.  Light Bomb is cast on a random player causing them to deal 3,000 damage per second to all friendly players within 10 yards of them.  Gravity Bomb causes 20,000 damage to the targeted player and will pull anyone within 9 yards towards the player.  On easy mode, this really isn’t a big deal as no damage is dealt, but on hard mode it leaves behind a large void zone that you don’t want to be caught in.  If you happen to be the lucky player inflicted with one of these abilities, make sure you are out of range of other players or blink out of range if you have to.  Just make sure that you stay within healing range to avoid being snuffed.

Every 45 seconds during this fight, XT-002 will get all pissed off with his new playthings (and by playthings, I mean you) and throw a Tympanic Tantrum (just like my 4 year old daughter). During this tantrum, you lose 10% of your maximum hit points every second for 12 seconds.  Now let’s do the math.  Lets see, x times 10, carry the one, divide by Pi, multiply by the size of your aunts underwear, and we get 120% of your health gone at the end of the tantrum.  Pay attention to your health and be prepared to use a HS, Health Potion or even iceblock if it comes down to it.

Tantrums are Fun!

Tantrums are Fun!

Another aspect of the fight that we need to pay attention to is XT-002’s Heart.  Every time you knock off 25% of XT’s health, his heart will be exposed while he regens some energy.  You now have 30 seconds to target and DPS the heart.  During this time, XT will also summon several friends from the scrap piles to get all up in your grill, but we will deal with them in a minute.   Once the 30 second period is over, all damage done to the heart will be transferred to XT-002, but there is one thing to keep in mind, DO NOT KILL THE HEART UNLESS YOU WANT THE ENCOUNTER TO MOVE TO HARD MODE.  Thats right Mr. Over-Eager DPS’er, go crazy on the heart all you want, but unless you are prepared to fight this fight in hard mode, do not knock all the HP’s off the Heart.  You have been warned.

Now let’s talk about XT-002’s little friends that come out to play during the heart phase.  These are not your typical Wal-Mart clearance isle Brats dolls, these little beauties have game and need to be dealt with.  Here’s the scoop:

1) XM-024 Pummeller – Big mean and Nasty.  This will have to be tanked.  If you are squishy, stay away from it.

2) XS-013 Scrapbot – At least the way we do it, this is my primary concern once they come out.  These small robots will move towards XT-002 and need to be killed before they get there. Once they reach the Boss they will heal him for 1% of his health per Scrapbot that gets there.  These bots can be snared, so use your Frost Nova when it’s up.  I would recommend Arcane Explosion for these guys as they move very quickly and would be a difficult target to hit with Blizzard.

3) XE-321 Boombot – Easy to spot, it’s a big walking bomb.  This target deals about 15k damage to everything within 10 yards of it when it blows, friend and foe alike!  The Boombot only has about 50,000 hit points so its easily taken down while it casually waddles it’s way down to XT-002. These Bombs are also snareable, so it’s possible to snare him and DPS him down right about the time the scrapbots are within range of him to help take them out.

So what’s the bottom line here?  In a nutshell, DPS the boss, keep your spacing, beat the hell out of the heart (without killing it) while it’s up and neutralize all the bots during the heart phase, and pretty soon you will be taking screenies in front of the Biggest Little Brother you ever saw.  Bullying has never been so much fun.

CCT Vs. XT-002

CCT Vs. XT-002


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