Noblegarden or No-Bull Garden?

Today’s post will be fairly short, but really not all that sweet.  I want to talk about the hair (not hare) brained idea that is Noblegarden.

I can admit it, I am an achievement whore.  I love it when I complete one and everyone around me AND my guild are forced to know that I just got my third Champion title over at the Argent Tourney!  I look back through my list of achievements and giggle maniacly like a twisted hunter looking back over his collection of stuffed racoons.  But I digress…  So, in my mania to complete the pokemon-like washboard of achievements, I ran across the latest world event that the masterminds over at Blizz, inc. released this past week.  Noblegarden.

Noblegarden, if you have been hiding under a rock like a carefully hidden egg is a weird adaptation of the non-religious side of the Easter celebration involving bunnies, chocolates and all things natural. So, “what’s not to love” you may be asking yourself.  Lots of things, says I.

Superbunny leaves a basket of eggs, how DOES do it?

Superbunny leaves a basket of eggs, how DOES he do it?

The main activity that you will engage in while participating in Noblegarden is the hunting of rainbow colored eggs. When you find an egg, you will open it and either have a piece of chocolate which can be turned in for items, or you will in rare cases get an item that is used in other Noblegarden achievements. Sounds simple enough, but there are several things that make Noblegarden a real pain in the cotten tail.

Firstly, the eggs can only be found in a few starter zones such as Goldshire near Stormwind or Dolanaar outside of Darnassus.  Luckily for us Mages we can teleport, but even then, getting there is NOT half the fun.

The second issue that you run into is actually procuring the aforementioned eggs.  They are hidden normally under bushes, beside rocks, inside water troughs and other various and sundry places.  This wouldn’t be so bad and would actually be kind of fun if it wasn’t for the sheer number of people that are also trying to hunt eggs!  A small number of eggs plus hundreds and thousands of players trying to find them at once equals fail.

The third hurdle is the amount of eggs you have to find to get your achievements.  Unless you get some lucky drops on some of the achievement items you will literally have to go through a couple hundred eggs or more to complete all of the Noblegarden achievements.

Lastly, one of the more annoying achievements involves finding level 18 or higher FEMALES of several classes and using an item on them (sort of reminds me of my first year at college).  I will tell you from personal experience, there are not as many female Orcs in the game as you think there are.

Where are the orc chicks, PST!

Where are the orc chicks, PST!

Like I said, I love achievements and I normally enjoy the World Events very much, but this one is just too much for me to hop past without saying my two chocolates worth.  But if you are like me, you will put your bunny whiskers to the grindstone and do it anyway.  After all, who wouldn’t wanna become Ultraking the Noble!!!

None may enter my secret garden!

None may enter my secret garden!


~ by arcaneasylum on April 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Noblegarden or No-Bull Garden?”

  1. No offense… but I am not going anywhere near your secret garden…

    • Liar. You just stay away from my man and his garden, kk? Or I’ll roll a horde druid and come Starfire you until you beg for little gnomish mercy. YOU CAN’T SHEEP A MOONKIN! Muwahahahahahahahahahaha.

      What, it’s early. My sensor system is still turned off. 😉

      • Note to self, wear a dress and bunny ears at all times and people will leave me alone… that’s good to know! And for the record, you can’t sheep a Moonkin, but you can moon a sheep, although the sheep normally just looks very confused.

  2. After picking up eggs for an insane number of hours on my hunter, all I could manage on the mage was to survive picking up 100 for my Tome of Polymorph:Rabbit. On the other hand, compared to the Children’s Week stuff I will be starting this evening….Noblegarden was a walk in the park. They want me to do what with a flag in EotS? On my fat tauren hunter who is slow as molasses and might as well go into each BG with a hunter’s mark already floating over her head? Yeah right. /sigh

    • I more than feel your pain on that one. I just completed the School of Hard Knocks achievement and my blood pressure is quite literally skyrocketed over it. It is an utterly ridiculous achievement to force people to do. I hope that whoever came up with it over at Blizzard gets kneed in the groin until they die. I hope they either take it out of the meta-achievement or rework it so that it’s not so impossible.

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