About Me

About Ultraking:

Ultraking is a level 80 Arcane spec.  mage on the Durotan realm and is a full time Raider in the Guild Chi Cerca Trova.  Ultraking enjoys making stuff come out of his hands that causes other stuff to catch on fire, freeze or disintegrate.   Ultraking has a natural affinity for turning other players and critters into things that they weren’t prior to meeting him.  Large crowds of sheep, pigs, black cats, peguins and turtles seem to pop at random no matter where he goes.

Ultraking on his Hotrod.

Ultraking on his Hotrod.

About the man behind the mage:

I am a 37 year old computer technician who also has side businesses doing videography for hire and virtual home tours for realtors.  In my spare time (when I’m not WoW’ing it up) I am a musician (bass guitar, sax and drums), play with photoshop and hang out with my lovely fiancee (the all powerful Ambermist the BattleChicken)  and my insane, hyperative and always making me a nutcase wonderful children.

Just me, chillin at my crib.

Just me, chillin at my crib.


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